Degos of Mosstone

To Date

Count Degos has overtaken the city of Mosstone, home to Lycen, Laguna Lionheart, and Kael Moonchild. Attending a secret meeting to organize an overthrow of his government in the home of Heironeous, the party was ambushed by Degos’ men, losing two friends in the skirmish (Heironeous and the druid Dyrthall). Fleeing into the woods the three were now wanted men.

While staying in the woods they happened upon a strange wooden structure guessed to be a portal to another world being built by a large group of Hobgoblins. With the help of a Kobold leader, the party infiltrated the Hobgoblin’s cave stronghold…killing their leader. Afterward they discovered a communication portal being used by the hobgoblin leader. The party met Malvus the Reaper, a necromancer of great power who attempted to sway the party to his cause. After some in-fighting amongst the group, they decided to leave the cave and gather more information about Malvus and his connection to Degos.

The spring equinox celebrations were rapidly approaching…information would be everywhere as merchants and folk from all over Tethyr would journey to Mosstone. While the party celebrated they were approached by Degos’ sheriff. He seems willing to help the party, but they’re not entirely sure…


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