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To start, an explanation of the world of Faerun is in order. Information regarding the world itself can be found in the following. Seasonal Changes are here. A general world ethos can be found here.

Mosstone itself is a burgeoning city. Once a small settlement, it has rapidly gained the interest of ambitious, some say ruthless, individuals since the inexplicable disappearance of the Supreme Watcher in 992DR (over 208 years ago).

Until recently Mosstone was run by a council consisting of 20 members. Members were either appointed by a retiring councilman or written into the will of a councilman who had passed into Hel. However, in the year 1193 DR the council was disbanded and Degos Wyvernbane was instated as the acting Count with the blessings of King Haedrak III. This turn of events was immediately met with suspicion by the Druids of Wealdath, typical indifference from the Elves of Suldanessallar, and elation from the townsfolk of Mosstone. Count Degos gained mass favor from the Humans of Mosstone by promising to expand on the trade opportunities available to a town situated so closely to The Trade Way. The Council had been hesitant to expand the city for two reasons. One, for the influx of criminal activity they feared commerce would bring and two, they perceived more people would threaten their rule. Degos’ plans, however, were an immediate success and Mosstone went from sleepy town to bustling city within five years. The seedier elements of society did indeed creep into Mosstone, but so long as the gold pieces were flowing through the hands of Mosstone merchants any initial hesitance dissipated.

The Vigilant Eyes of the Deity were reported to entertain thoughts of a coup due to the influx of criminal activity. The party now knows that Heironeous’ father was behind this coup and was killed for his involvement…the same fate he bestowed to his only son. Degos seemed to regain control of the city very quickly after this brief threat.

However, a new threat has arisen under Degos’ very nose. A sorcerer, a ranger, and a thief have stumbled upon massive wooden structures in the Wealdath Forest. After a bloody encounter with some Hob-goblins the party discovered that a fouler element may be behind the power of Degos…a Necromancer by the name of Malvus the Reaper.

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